Inoculating your Mushroom substrate bags.

inoculating your mushrooms bags

Time to inoculate grain, or all in one mushroom substrate bags

Now that you’ve got your mushroom substrates from Mushroom-Hut. It’s time to put those spores or that culture syringe to work. Although there are many ways including agar wedge transfers, and grain spawn transfers. There is always the most common and easiest way to inoculate your grow bags, with a syringe.

Step 1. Make you you have a clean space to work in. Wipe counters and all materials down. Rubbing alcohol is your friend here. Be sure to wipe down your bags and syringe as well. This may seem like over kill but trust me, any molds that can contaminate your project are microscopic. And a little extra effort can make or break your mushroom grow.

Step 2. Take out your syringe and with a lighter or alcohol lamp, flame sterilize the needle. This can be done be heating up the needle for a few seconds and then squeezing out a few drops of the solution to cool the needle

Step 3. Insert the syringe into the self healing injection port at a 45 degree angle and disperse 1-2 cc’s of your liquid culture or spore solution. While still with the needle through the port move the syringe around a couple time and repeat the process. Spreading the spores or culture in a few different spots.

Be sure to label your mushroom substrate.

Step 4. Label your bag with the strain name and the date. This will come in handy later. Place your bag in a dark place with a temperature that is suited for your strain. Most culinary mushrooms will do well at room temp or lower. Most manure loving exotic mushrooms such as psilocybe cubensis prefer warmer temperatures between 76-85 F

After a few weeks your should start to see rope-like white mycelium taking over you mushroom substrate.

For the all in one grow bags, once the grain has been colonized. Break it up through the bag and mix with the top substrate layer. Then leave to re-colonize.

Step 5. Your hard work has paid off, its time to fruit your mushrooms.

Stay tuned to learn about different fruiting techniques and check out this video by Boomer Shroomer on the inoculation process.

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