How long will delivery take?

Our bags are made to order. Meaning once you place your order, we begin the process of soaking, bagging and sterilizing the substrate. This process can take a few days, as insures you receive only the highest quality, perfectly hydrated substrate. Orders are usually shipped within 5 days of purchase date and once shipped with arrive usually in 1-2 weeks in the US and Canada.

Do you ship outside the US and Canada?

Unfortunately, due to customs laws and long shipping times. We are unable to ship substrate bags or cultures to you at this time.

I recieved my package and it is damaged or shows signs of contamination?

Although quite rare, it is possible to receive a bag that is discolored or is showing signs of contamination. If this happens, within a few days after receiving your order, please take a photo of the bag and send us an email before using the bag. We can send out a replacement right away.

I received my bags but am not ready to use them yet?

Life gets in the way sometimes. If you are not ready to inoculate your bags upon arrival. Simply store them in the refrigerator. Which will prolong their lifespan, as colder temps are more resistance to contamination.

* Be sure to wipe the bags down with alcohol after storing in the fridge.


What is your Return/Refund policy?

Refunds can only be issued 24 hours after order placement. If you have any issues with your order please contact us and we will do what we can to make it right. Our culture syringes and substrate bags are guaranteed 100% viable, and contamination free for 30 days after order date. or 2 weeks after your order is received by you. We will replace cultures and bags the arrive contaminated or damaged free of charge. Or issue a refund if you would prefer.

Do you offer a Wholesale discount?

Yes! If you are looking to order 25+ substrate bags for larger mushroom projects. Drop us an email and we can work out a wholesale price for you based on quantity.